Why Bodybuilders Can Sometimes Develop Gynecomastia

Anabolic steroids are the main cause for gyneomastia in body builders and athletes. These synthetic steroids cause the male’s testosterone levels to rise very quickly and be converted into estrogen, which confuses the body and begins to grow breasts and also causes permanent changes in the glandular tissue of the breasts.

This type of gynecomastia can occur even after only one injection. It does not seem worth the risks of using steroids, yet every year, tens of thousands of young men decide that this is the right choice for them. Incidentally, gynecomastia is only one of many such side effects associated with using steroids.

Many effects are far worse and irreversible. Under these conditions, it is difficult to see why a young man would opt to put his body through such treatment.

For older men who are no longer in the puberty stage, gynecomastia may have little or no psychological effects, but for many, it may seem emasculating or embarrassing. This type of gynecomastia can only be reversed with surgery, so many doctors say, however, others say that there are some treatment options that can offer some small results.

When surgery is done correctly, recurrence is very low, however, not all surgeries are considered successful in the patient’s eyes.

There are some risks that are associated with breast reduction surgery and some of the risks are severe, since this is an invasive surgery.

Recurrence of gynecomastia after surgery would be the result of the patient becoming overweight after the operation. This often leads to the condition slowly coming back.

Abruptly stopping the use of anabolic steroids increases the odds of developing the condition of gynecomastia. The steroids causes the testicles to shrink in size and become dormant.

While normal testicular function usually returns with the stopping of steroid use, sometimes it can take several months for the testicles to return to normal size, and sometimes they never do, nor regain function.

With high doses and long term usage, there is a greater likelihood of developing gynecomastia. Men in the body building world often marginalize gynecomastia by calling it ‘bitch tits’, however the condition is no less distressing to the man who is dealing with it, regardless of what his friends down at the gym are calling it.

Since we now know what the cause of gynecomastia is with body builders, let’s consider some options for treatment. The only real option for men who have taken steroids that have resulted in enlarged breasts is breast reduction surgery.

There is nothing else that will give permanent results, although gynecomastia clothing is an option that we will discuss in a few moments.

Breast reduction surgery can bring lasting results, but it comes with risks, some of which can be serious, since it is considered invasive surgery. There is the risk of excessive bleeding during the surgery and infection post-op.

Scarring is real and can sometimes be extensive.

Liposuction is not an option for men whose gynecomastia is due to steroid intake, since liposuction can only eliminate fat within the breasts and steroid usage causes glandular growth.

Men who are considering having breast reduction surgery should weigh the pros and the cons and come up with a decision to meet their personal needs.

No two men are the same or have the same needs.

Anyone considering surgery for gynecomastia should hold realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery and realize that doctors are not miracle workers and cannot perform ‘perfect’ surgeries. There may be asymmetry in the breasts after the operation with considerable scarring that may be worse than the original condition was.

After weighing out the good points against the bad, men should consult with their doctor for several of the free consultations that are made available to prospective patients. Bring along lists of questions that you want to have answered.

Ask if you can see before and after pictures of prior clients. Only after learning everything you can about what to expect should you proceed with the operation.

Gynecomastia surgery is considered elective surgery and will not be covered by your insurance, most likely. The costs are going to be significant and should be considered along with all of the other information you are processing beforehand.

If surgery is not an option due to financial reasons or other reasons, gynecomastia garments may be an option that is more available to you. Compression clothing can be very affordable and if taken care of, can last a long time.

Gynecomastia shirts will compress the breasts and make them lie flat against the chest. There are many styles from undershirts to vests to whole body suits that compress. Generally there is something to suit every man’s need.

If gynecomastia clothing seems like an expensive option, consider the cost against that of surgery, and the cost will most likely seem a bit more reasonable. Taking care of your compression clothing once you buy it is the best way to get your money’s worth out of it.

The best way to take care of compression clothing is by hand washing, or soaking in a delicate detergent that will not be harsh on the clothing. Gently soak or wash in the sink, rinse in cold water, very gently ring out, and hang on a plastic clothes hanger to air dry.

This will give you the longest life out of a gynecomastia shirt. Machine wash on gentle cycle only if it’s unavoidable. This will still give your clothing a lot of extra life, even if you can’t wash by hand.

For young men, compression shirts are often the best choice. They give instant but impermanent results. Often compression shirts will restore a quality of life that had hitherto been missing.

Young men who are considering using steroids in conjunction with their body building should give careful consideration to their long-term effects and ask the difficult question, if the muscles are worth the risk to life and limb.

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