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What Is It?

Gynexin (from now on also known as “GNX”) This popular supplement helps get rid of man boobs, a condition clinically referred to as gynecomastia. You can get a better physique and gain more confidence by using this supplement. In addition to being created using natural herbal essences, this supplement also saves you from having to spend money on surgery, which is riskier and pricier.

In essence, GNX seeks to help you feel like a man again. This Gynexin review will help you get to know this supplement better.

What Causes Gynecomastia (“Man Boobs”)?

Basically, gynecomastia is caused by excessive growth of breast tissue in men, resulting in enlargement of breasts. Low testosterone is usually a big factor in this increase in male breast tissue. It is estimated that about a third of men suffer from some form of gynecomastia. In older men, more than half suffer from this problem.

Sometime the man boobs are caused by excessive growth of breast tissue as well as higher than normal amounts of body fat, in which case it is called mixed gynecomastia. At other times, the enlargement of the breasts is purely as a result of excessive fat tissue without an increase in breast tissue, a form of gynecomastia called pseudogynecomastia.

Forms of gynecomastia that involve the increase in breast tissue require specialized supplements such as GNX. If the development of the man boobs is caused by fat increase alone, fat burning supplements can help deal with the problem.

Why Gynexin?

Generally, men suffering from this problem have three options. Firstly, they can wear a compression shirt, which is a temporary solution. Secondly, they can get rid of gynecomastia using surgery, which is risky and expensive.

Thirdly, they can take a gynecomastia pill such as GNX There are a number of reasons to choose a pill such as GNX over any other method.

Firstly, the pill offers a permanent solution, while the compression shirt option does not. Secondly, it is less invasive than surgery, and hence carries less serious side effects. Furthermore, even before you can try to get surgery to fix your gynecomastia, it would be wise to try out a pill first to determine whether the problem calls for such a drastic form of intervention.

This Gynexin Alpha Formula review explain why this pill may offer you remarkable results as a male breast reduction medication.

Why You Should Give GNX A Try

GNX is the leading pill for male breast reduction, having been in the market for nearly a decade.

As arguably the most successful pill on the market today, it has helped a considerable number of men get a manly chest once more.

Sure, the pill will not work every time, but if you haven’t tried it, there is a very real chance that it might, in which case you will not have to live with the embarrassment of gynecomastia or have to go through surgery.

This pill is very safe, and is made in accordance to FDA guidelines, which means that it has no serious side effects. Consequently, there is little harm in giving it a try.

What Ingredients Are Found In GNX?

There are five main ingredients in this supplement: Chromium Picolinate, Guggulsterones, the exclusive GNX Alpha Blend, Sclareolides, and Green Tea Extract.

Chromium Picolinate helps the body to maintain a steady metabolic rate, while Guggulsterones increase fat burning. Sclareolides increase testosterone levels while decreasing estrogen levels. The green tea extract, on the other hand, lowers cholesterol levels, and reduces the amount of fat in the body.

The Alpha Blend is a proprietary formula that specifically targets gynecomastia.

Does This Supplement Work?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Nevertheless, some men mistakenly think that this product has muscle building properties. The truth is; it does not. Consequently, you should not expect that using the pill would result in you having a muscular chiseled chest.

All that this supplement does is reduce the amount of breast and fat tissue on your chest. To create a chiseled chest, you will have to use other means, for instance, workouts in the gym or supplements that can boost muscle mass.

About Its Side Effects

The ingredients in these pills are derived from natural products. Consequently, any side effects would be dietary. In general, most people do not experience any side effects when they take this pill. However, side effects, if they do occur, may include gastrointestinal issues such as upset stomach.

You might also experience headaches when using this medication. Stronger reactions, for instance, vomiting, should be taken to the doctor. Luckily, in most cases, the side effects are mild and usually go away within a short time as you get accustomed to the pill.

When You Should Not Use It

There are certain health issues that can prevent you from using this product. First of all, you should not use this treatment if you have issues with your thyroid glands or the liver. Additionally, sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome should stay away from GNX.

Also, people using St. John’s Wort and Acetaminophen should not use this medication. Generally, people undergoing treatment for a serious medical condition should also stay away from this supplement.


Man boobs can wreak havoc to your self-confidence, not to mention the health dangers they represent. This Gynexin review shows you why you should try it as a solution to your gynecomastia. In many cases, the supplement has proven effective in reducing male breasts to normal levels.

The good thing about this supplement is that it is made from natural products, which means it will not have adverse effects on your body.

Furthermore, these pills has few side effects, which may even fail to occur for some people. If you are keen about getting rid of your man boobs the product should definitely be your first choice for gynecomastia supplement pill, considering its high ranking among male breast reduction pills and its proven effectiveness over its several years in the market.