What is a Good Diet for Helping to Solve Your Gynecomastia Issue?

Before understanding how a diet can help to achieve your goals, it’s essential that you first understand how certain foods in the diet can cause gynecomastia in men. We live in a time that is unique in world history.

Never before has soy been incorporated into almost every packaged food available in the local grocery store.

While the Orient has been eating soy for thousands of years, it has done so in small proportions, compared to the amount that people are ingesting in this day and age. The amount of soy that is being eaten is extreme.

So what is the problem with soy? It contains natural estrogens that, if eaten in excess, can cause feminine qualities to develop in men, including enlargement of the breasts, although not specific to that.

Eating foods with high levels of estrogen can wreak havok on the male hormone balance, causing a decrease in the levels of testosterone, which in turn, may cause gynecomastia.

It is essential that men who experience gynecomastia completely eliminate soy from their diets. Foods must be whole, wholesome, and homemade.

Go into any grocery store and walk through the aisles, reading labels from packages, boxes, jars, cans, or cartons. Almost all packaged foods now contain some form of soy. If you are eating these packaged foods, you are introducing soy into your body in abnormal amounts, which is possibly the reason for the onset of your condition.

If you want to purge your body of soy, you must begin to eat only whole fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts, and only organic lean meat, which does not have anti-biotics or hormones in it. It is largely these anti-biotics and hormones that feminizes the body.

This is a huge shift in a person’s diet, but must be accomplished if one will achieve their goal.

There are really no specific foods that a person with gynecomastia should eat, it is more a matter of what should be eliminated from the diet in order to stop the damaging effects of what you are already putting into your body.

Products such as creams, or pills or powders supposedly designed to increase your hormones or provide vitamins or nutrients will do nothing whatsoever to help with gynecomastia. Nothing you can put into your body will treat or cure it.

Aside from surgery or liposuction, the only thing a man can do that will improve the size and firmness of his breasts is to eliminate the problem-causing foods, add a regular routine of moderate exercise into his lifestyle designed to lose weight and firm up the chest, and keep his weight in check.

Beginning a new diet is always uncomfortable at first. A whole foods diet is especially uncomfortable, not only at first, but can be difficult to maintain for any length of time. It is essential for a man to make his new diet more of a lifestyle than a temporary way to eat.

Because of the soy-laden foods on the store shelves today, and the presence of anti-biotics and hormones in the meats that we eat, gynecomastia has appeared in epidemic proportions. Never before in history has this condition been as prevalent as it is today.

Our diet is directly proportionate to the human body’s condition.

Soy and conventionally raised meat must be taken out of the diet in order to counter the effects they have already rendered in the body, and in order to keep them from being able to further cause damage.

The only way to eliminate soy from the diet is to stop eating packaged foods that are not labeled as organic.

Of course, some organic foods are going to contain soy, but it is easy to read organic labels to see if soy is an ingredient.

Organic foods do not, as a rule, slip soy in as one of the ingredients, as conventionally packaged foods do.

There is no reason for them to do so. Conventionally packaged foods do this because GMO soy and GMO soybean oil are among the cheapest filler ingredients they can use. Organic foods on the other hand are expensive to buy and will usually contain high-quality ingredients with little or no fillers.

A diet free of soy will usually mean that meals must be prepared in the home, out of whole foods and ingredients.

Eating fast food or restaurant food will in almost all cases mean you will be eating some or many forms of soy, not to mention the other undesirable ingredients you will be eating along with the soy.

Grocery shopping will consist mainly of produce along with whole grain pasta, brown rice, whole cous-cous, nuts, seeds, and other foods that have not been processed.

Eliminating conventionally grown meat from the diet is somewhat easier than eliminating soy. In this case, all that is needed is to replace meat from your grocery store with organic meat which can be purchased in some high-end grocery stores, health food stores, or whole foods markets.

Men who want to go the natural route in trying to combat the effects of gynecomastia can also opt for special shirts and garments designed specifically for gynecomastia. Called compression shirts, these tops offer immediate results for men who wear them, and bring with them a better quality of life.

In the case of young men who are dealing with gynecomastia and may be suffering psychological damage because of teasing or bullying, compression shirts can be a real solution for them while they wait to see if their condition will clear up on its own, as often it does with young men.

For those who are not able to achieve results by natural means, liposuction and surgery are real options that offer real solutions for men. They must be considered carefully, and only after weighing out the pros and cons before proceeding.

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