The Best Exercises for Eliminating Man Boobs Effectively!

Man boobs. Just the name alone sounds funny and ridiculous, right? Boobs should always be associated with women, and not men. However, millions of men have oversized mammary glands and many of them have breasts that can rival those of women.

Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of this problem… Like performing exercises for man boobs.



Why People Want To Exercise To Get Rid of Them?

Men love boobs, but definitely not man boobs (or “moobs”). For men, having them is a source of major embarrassment.

Women also are turned off by them, and they would prefer to be in the company of men with well-chiseled chests. This is why men will do everything possible to get rid of this condition.

This problem not only looks bad, but it can also indicate that the guy suffering from it has health problems.

Excess fat deposits around the chest area clearly suggest that a man is overweight. And you know that obese people are very prone to diseases like heart ailments and diabetes, among others.

Let’s review some ways to solve this issue thanks to exercise:


Option #1: Using Home Gym Equipment

Exercises for man boobs can be performed by using home gym equipment. In fact, these man boob exercises can be done with a few hand weights.

The lying dumbbell pec fly is one of the best exercises to get rid of moobs. It targets your chest and shoulders. To do so, get two dumbbells and lie on a flat bench or a mat on the floor. If you are on a flat bench, your feet should be placed flat on the floor. If you are on a mat, make sure your knees are bent.

Clutch the dumbbells over the chest and slowly lower the weights until these are in line with your chest. Go back to the original position. Repeat this at least eight times for one set.

If you don’t have dumbbells, then you can do pushups. For many guys, pushup is the best exercise to lose man boobs. It not only targets your chest but other muscles like the triceps, deltoids, and even your abs.

To do this exercise, place your hands on the floor to support your body. Your hands must be at least four inches wider compared to your shoulders. The legs should be extended, distributing your weight between the hands and the toes.

Now bend your arms to lower your body, until the upper part of your arms is parallel to the floor. Then push back up to straighten your arms. Repeat and continue to do so as long as your arm muscles allow you to.

Option #2: Using Cardiovascular Routines

Ask any fitness expert and he’ll tell you that strength training is not the only way for you to get rid of those ugly moobs.

Cardiovascular exercises should also be part of your man boob workouts.

By doing cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming, biking, and even brisk walking, you can hasten the elimination of the fatty cells around your chest.

This is because cardiovascular exercises would make your body burn a good amount of calories, enabling it to achieve the caloric deficit needed to win the war against the problem.

You don’t have to spend hours and hours in the treadmill. You can start by allotting at least 30 minutes for brisk walking or jogging in the morning. Once you have increased your cardiovascular endurance, try increasing the time you jog to an hour. Eventually you’ll find yourself running for an hour or so, and doing this on a more frequent basis.

If running is not your cup of tea, then why not try swimming? Swimming won’t make you sweaty unlike running or brisk walking. And you can do this anytime you wish, unlike running which is hard to do during high noon.

In case you can’t find a nearby swimming pool or beach, you could go to a gym and work out on a treadmill or elliptical trainer. The latter is particularly ideal for people who desire a low impact exercise. If you have problems with your knees and joints, then you might want to try using an elliptical trainer.

Option #3: Using Strength Training

Strength training exercises, particularly those that target the chest area, are also effective in getting rid of man boobs. By strengthening the muscles around your chest, these exercises can help you have a more chiseled breast.

In strength training exercises, you would have to make use of equipment like weights, workout bench, and exercise band.

The bench press could be the most commonly performed strength training exercise that targets the chest. In this exercise, you lie on your back and push a barbell up and down, almost a few inches above your chest.

You could also do chest exercises using exercise bands, or stretch tubes. The most common exercise using stretch tube is the band chest press. It targets the pectoral muscles, the main muscle group of the chest.

In case you are in a gym and you want to work out your chest, find a vertical chest press machine. This is an alternative to dumbbells. To use this machine, sit in a way that will have the center of your chest aligning with the center of the handlebars.

Clutch the horizontal handles and push these forward to straighten your arms. Then lift you feet from the foot bar, transferring the weight of the stack to your hands. You would then have to slowly bend your arms until the elbows are a bit behind the chest, before you push the handles forward until your arms have been straightened.

Option #4: Using High Intensity Interval Training

You could take your training a few notches higher by using high intensity interval training.

Also called HIIT, this is a form of workout that alternates fixed periods of intense activity with sets of less-intense activity.

For instance, you would run as fast as you can for 1 minute and then walk for the next minute or two.

It may sound weird, but HIIT can burn fat quickly and effectively. The magic of HIIT is that it would help your body burn fat even after you have left the gym. And it is very efficient since you won’t have to spend hours in training.

You can have a HIIT workout in 30 minutes, or even 15 minutes which should augur well if you are the busy type of person. Another benefit of HIIT is that it boosts your metabolism, so your body can burn more fats.

For starters, do a 30-second jump rope, followed by 10 seconds of rest before doing a minute of push-ups. Again, rest for 10 seconds. After that, perform bodyweight rows, burpee, and renegade rows for 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in between each exercise.

Once you have completed the work out, rest for two minutes and do it over again.


Why Using a “Gynexin” Can Be a Better Alternative?

Are you exhausted just by reading all these workouts? These exercises for man boobs can be really tiring, so you might want to try a dietary supplement called Gynexin. With this supplement, you can get rid of moobs effectively without working so hard in the gym.

Gynexin is made up of all-natural ingredients which have been proven effective in removing fatty cells around the chest. You only have to take this supplement twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Since its ingredients are all-natural, it won’t cause any side effects unlike other gynecomastia medications.

Some of its ingredients like green tea extract and caffeine are usually found in other weight-loss products, giving you an idea that this supplement itself is safe to use.

Aside from being safe, this supplement is perhaps a better alternative to exercises because you don’t have to sweat it out in the gym or in your home. In less than a month, you’ll notice that there will be fewer fats around your chest area.

This product won’t force you to make a significant change in your lifestyle.

If you have never been a fitness-conscious individual, it is likely that you would frown at the prospect of working out in a gym or running for several hours.

You may also find it hard to change your diet all in the name of reducing your caloric intake and complementing strength or cardiovascular training.

With these pills, you only have to take them twice a day. The supplement won’t require you to become a gym rat overnight or be conscientious with the food you eat.

A single bottle containing 60 pills only costs less than $100. The bottle has enough pills to last for a month. As most online reviews of Gynexin Alpha Formula suggest, the effects of the product will become noticeable 3 to 5 weeks after first use. By using it, you would no longer have to enroll in a gym or invest in gym equipment like dumbbells.

Since it’s a dietary supplement that can effectively get rid of boobs in men, it can be said that it presents a better alternative to exercise. Using Gynexin won’t force you to work out and it can also help you save money, too.

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