Method #1: With Medication

You can try to remedy the problem with medication. There are a few drugs which are said to have some sort of success in reducing the symptoms of gynecomastia like Danazol, which comes in the generic name of Danocrine. Danazol is a pill that is taken orally twice a day or as directed by a doctor.

Danazol is actually a drug that is used by women in treating infertility and pelvic pain, as well as pain and tenderness of the breast due to a condition of the breast called fibrocystic breast disease. In men, it may be used to reduce the size of the breast.

However, there are limited studies that can prove the effectiveness of Danazol. Aside from this fact, you would also have to worry about its side effects like sudden weight gain, sweating, acne, changes in voice, and abnormal body hair growth.

Clomiphene is said to be another gynecomastia medication. This is a prescription drug used by men especially steroid users to lessen the physical effects of high estrogen levels like gynecomastia. If that sounds alien to you, just take note of the fact that this drug restores the natural production of testosterone in the body. By doing so, it helps your body to get rid of moobs and have a chest that looks more like that of a man.

Apart from the limited research supporting its effectiveness, clomiphene use can also cause numerous side effects such as acne, abnormal heart beats, and muscle pain.

Method #2: With a Change In Diet

Losing fatty cells means you need to lower your calorie intake. One way of lowering your caloric intake is by changing the way you eat. Simply put, if you are to eliminate moobs quickly and safely then you would have to lose weight by being picky with the foods you eat.

You can start by reducing your portion sizes by at least 20 percent. If you are used to second helpings, then why don’t you start giving up on this habit? Or you can try low-fat dairy products instead.

If you are a sucker for sodas, then you would have to make a huge sacrifice and give up the habit of drinking this unhealthy drink.

You should limit your soda intake and drink more water instead.

Stay away from processed foods like burger and hotdogs. Instead of eating these unhealthy food items, you’d rather consume more green leafy vegetables and fruits. You can also try other cooking methods like grilling.

Most of the time, we think that a change in diet means not eating at all. On the contrary, you should be eating more frequently but the serving size should be limited. Eat five to six small meals a day because this can make you feel full throughout the day, and lessen the chance that you would be overeating in a meal.

Method #3: With Surgery

Another way how to treat gynecomastia is to undergo surgery. This is considered as a safe, effective, and fast solution to this problem. With surgery, you can immediately see the results of the procedure as your chest will be free from fatty cells after the operation.

But there are also a lot of downsides in opting for corrective surgery. One is the cost. Did you know that on the average, the cost of this surgery is around $7,000? The costs may vary depending on the state you are, and the level of expertise and skill of the surgeon.

Surgery is not cheap at all. It does not help that most medical insurance companies don’t cover the expenses of this procedure.

Aside from that, you would also have to buy antibacterial medication as part of the post-operative care. These drugs are designed to prevent the risk of infection after the surgery. And you will also have to take a few days off from work.

Apart from the prohibitive costs of the corrective surgery, you would also be turned off by the numerous risks that you have to take when you opt for this procedure. One is that the scars from the operation will remain with you for the rest of your life. Those scars are not pretty by any means.

There is also a risk that your nipples will have decreased sensitivity after a the surgery. Post-operative pain is another possibility, as well as the risk of infection.

Method #4: With Exercises Routines

In case you are not comfortable undergoing surgery for your moobs, you could go to a gym and start being a health buff.

By becoming more physically active, you can hasten the fat burning process in your body. It then becomes a bit easier for your body to remove the ugly fats around your chest.

For best results, you ought to combine cardio vascular training with weight training.

The former entails you to sweat it out through activities like running, brisk walking, biking, or hiking. You can also swim as part of your cardiovascular training.

One of the ways that you can enhance your cardio vascular exercises is to do high intensity interval training or HIIT. In this workout, you would have to do exercises at moderate to high intensity and take a few seconds or minutes to recover. HIIT is actually used by athletes to enhance their fitness and reach their performance goals.

For instance, you can be on a stationary bike and warm up for five minutes. You then increase the resistance several notches higher, and bike for one minute or so. After that, you take things slow and reduce the resistance. And then you bike again at a high resistance level.

You must also incorporate weight training in your workouts. Some of the best weight training exercises that you should do are bench press and push-ups. These exercises target the chest, so you can turn those fats into muscles.

Of course, the success of exercises in removing man boobs would depend on your discipline to work out on a regular basis.

Why Using a “Gynexin” Can Be a Better Alternative?

If you are looking for a 100% effective gynecomastia treatment without surgery, then you would find it with Gynexin.

Gynexin is food supplement that you need to take twice a day. You can take it in the morning and another before you hit the sack. Since it comes in tablet form, you can take it anywhere you go.

This product targets the adipose tissues in the breasts to reduce and totally eradicate man boobs. You will notice changes in the size and appearance of your man boobs in as early as two weeks from the first time you used this food supplement.

In case you are worried about side effects, fret not since it won’t cause any. This supplement is made from all natural ingredients guaranteed to be safe and effective in treating gynecomastia. These ingredients include caffeine, cacao and green tea extract, and they form a potent combination against fat cells around your chest.

These ingredients won’t also interact with any medication that you might be taking. However, keep in mind that it has generous amounts of caffeine. Thus you may want to take fewer cups of coffee as excessive caffeine is not exactly good for your health.

So what makes Gynexin more impressive compared to the other solutions mentioned earlier?

It’s a gynecomastia cure that lets you be the person that you are. This means you don’t have to change the way you eat or your lifestyle in order to get rid of those man boobs that have hounded you since time immemorial.

When you use Gynexin, you are not required to make any drastic changes in your diet. You don’t need to starve yourself in order for it to have an effect on your body.

It’s potent formula is enough for your body to eliminate the fatty cells around your chest and make your moobs disappear in a matter of weeks.

Gynexin won’t also require you to become a gym rat. Enrolling in a gym and regularly working out entails a lot of discipline and motivation; and these may be things which you are short of. It’s alright, as this product would still work on you even if you don’t regularly work out.

Finally, it’s a lot cheaper compared to corrective surgery. A bottle of this food supplement retails for less than $100, unlike surgery which costs thousands of dollars!