Men- don’t get your hopes up. There are not a lot of natural remedies out there for gynecomastia. The reason for this is because the condition of gynecomastia is generally from one of two causes:

1) An imbalance of hormones in the body between the ratio of estrogen and testosterone has caused the growth of your breasts, in which case, you have only three options.

2) The enlargement of your breasts is due to being overweight, and the excess fat in your breasts is not going to respond to any natural treatments except for diet and exercise to the chest.

If you fall into the first category, and are battling gynecomastia because of a hormone imbalance, there are three things that you can do to change the situation:1) Eliminate all soy and conventionally raised meat from your diet, to reduce the amount of estrogen you are ingesting. This is harder than it sounds. It means a radical change in your diet, eliminating almost all pre-packaged foods, since they are heavily laden with soy and soy products.

While the Orient has eaten soy for thousands of years with beneficial health results, they have never eaten soy in the manner in which it is being eaten today, especially in the American diet.

Soy and soy byproducts are so cheaply made that they are used as a filler ingredient in almost every pre-packaged food, from cartons to jars to cans, containers, jugs, and boxes; if you go into a grocery store and begin to read the labels on these containers you will see that you are eating soy in an amount that is staggering.

Your body is absorbing estrogen in huge amounts. It must be eliminated from your diet in order to balance out the hormones.

The second problem with our modern diet, is that meat is being raised in CAFOs, or artificial farm-like environments where the animals are being force-fed antibiotics and hormones, which we are in turn eating at the table.

These two items do much harm to the human body, and are responsible for early adolescence seen in children today as young as 10 years old. Antibiotics and hormones change the delicate hormone balance in our bodies. They must be eliminated to see a change.

While getting rid of soy from your diet is going to be extremely difficult in the beginning, replacing conventionally raised meat will be easier to replace with organic meat, which does not contain these two harmful ingredients.

Eliminating soy will most likely mean preparing whole food at home, for every meal. It means that packaged foods are only acceptable if they are labeled as organic. Otherwise, the diet should consist of whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, whole grain pasta and bread, organically grown only. This is a very difficult change to make in the diet.

One of the reasons this change is so hard to make, is because we have been eating soy-laden foods for so long (along with other toxic ingredients designed to keep us addicted to them). To begin taking them out of the diet will cause withdrawals.

Soy is not, after all, the only filler ingredient in modern pre-packaged foods. They are also laced with high fructose corn syrup, another toxin that your body is probably addicted to. Making this change, albeit slowly, will help with your condition.

2) Breast reduction surgery is an available option for men in this first category. Breast reduction surgery is expensive since insurance generally does not cover it, and it comes with risks, however for men who are looking for a permanent solution, surgery can be the answer. Some of the risks associated with the surgery can be serious, so men considering having the operation should learn all they can about it before going into it.

3) Wear compression clothing designed to flatten the breasts against the chest and hold them in place. Compression clothing or gynecomastia shirts are a terrific solution for men who do not wish to opt for surgery. They are cost effective and yield great results.

If you’re a man who falls in the second category, and your breast enlargement is due to being overweight, there are options available to you also,but it’s going to mean hard work and patience to see results. Keeping your weight in check is the most important thing you can do to reduce the size of your breasts.

Losing enough weight to bring you down to a healthy size will also reduce the amount of fat in your breasts. This coupled with an exercise program designed to firm the breasts and flatten your chest will bring results in 2-4 months. It does take time, but it will help.

Losing weight can be very difficult for many people to achieve. Alternate fasting can be a great way to take off pounds. The advantage of alternate fasting is that you only fast in increments. There are two good alternate fasts that will take weight off very quickly without making you feel terrible:

1) Every other day, restrict your calorie intake to 500 calories. On your off days, eat as you normally would. This is a simple fast for some people because on the days that you are fasting, you always have the next morning to look forward to. After a week or two, it becomes ingrained as part of your routine.

2) This second fasting diet is more manageable for some people, since you fast for one whole 24 hour period once a week. The rest of the week you eat as you normally would. For some, it is easier to begin the fast after dinner on one particular day, and end the fast at dinner time the following day.

This completes the 24 hour time-frame, but allows you to eat each day.

Fasting is very effective with weight loss. Combine this with a routine of working out with free-weights for your chest muscles and you should see results before too long.

Because no two people are the same, you will have to find the solution that works best for you. Talk with your doctor to learn all of the options available to you.