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What is a Good Diet for Helping to Solve Your Gynecomastia Issue?

Before understanding how a diet can help to achieve your goals, it’s essential that you first understand how certain foods in the diet can cause gynecomastia in men. We live in a time that is unique in world history.

Never before has soy been incorporated into almost every packaged food available in the local grocery store.

While the Orient has been eating soy for thousands of years, it has done so in small proportions, compared to the amount that people are ingesting in this day and age. The amount of soy that is being eaten is extreme.

So what is the problem with soy? It contains natural estrogens that, if eaten in excess, can cause feminine qualities to develop in men, including enlargement of the breasts, although not specific to that.

Eating foods with high levels of estrogen can wreak havok on the male hormone balance, causing a decrease in the levels of testosterone, which in turn, may cause gynecomastia.

It is essential that men who experience gynecomastia completely eliminate soy from their diets. Foods must be whole, wholesome, and homemade.

Go into any grocery store and walk through the aisles, reading labels from packages, boxes, jars, cans, or cartons. Almost all packaged foods now contain some form of soy. If you are eating these packaged foods, you are introducing soy into your body in abnormal amounts, which is possibly the reason for the onset of your condition.

If you want to purge your body of soy, you must begin to eat only whole fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts, and only organic lean meat, which does not have anti-biotics or hormones in it. It is largely these anti-biotics and hormones that feminizes the body.

This is a huge shift in a person’s diet, but must be accomplished if one will achieve their goal.

There are really no specific foods that a person with gynecomastia should eat, it is more a matter of what should be eliminated from the diet in order to stop the damaging effects of what you are already putting into your body.

Products such as creams, or pills or powders supposedly designed to increase your hormones or provide vitamins or nutrients will do nothing whatsoever to help with gynecomastia. Nothing you can put into your body will treat or cure it.

Aside from surgery or liposuction, the only thing a man can do that will improve the size and firmness of his breasts is to eliminate the problem-causing foods, add a regular routine of moderate exercise into his lifestyle designed to lose weight and firm up the chest, and keep his weight in check.

Beginning a new diet is always uncomfortable at first. A whole foods diet is especially uncomfortable, not only at first, but can be difficult to maintain for any length of time. It is essential for a man to make his new diet more of a lifestyle than a temporary way to eat.

Because of the soy-laden foods on the store shelves today, and the presence of anti-biotics and hormones in the meats that we eat, gynecomastia has appeared in epidemic proportions. Never before in history has this condition been as prevalent as it is today.

Our diet is directly proportionate to the human body’s condition.

Soy and conventionally raised meat must be taken out of the diet in order to counter the effects they have already rendered in the body, and in order to keep them from being able to further cause damage.

The only way to eliminate soy from the diet is to stop eating packaged foods that are not labeled as organic.

Of course, some organic foods are going to contain soy, but it is easy to read organic labels to see if soy is an ingredient.

Organic foods do not, as a rule, slip soy in as one of the ingredients, as conventionally packaged foods do.

There is no reason for them to do so. Conventionally packaged foods do this because GMO soy and GMO soybean oil are among the cheapest filler ingredients they can use. Organic foods on the other hand are expensive to buy and will usually contain high-quality ingredients with little or no fillers.

A diet free of soy will usually mean that meals must be prepared in the home, out of whole foods and ingredients.

Eating fast food or restaurant food will in almost all cases mean you will be eating some or many forms of soy, not to mention the other undesirable ingredients you will be eating along with the soy.

Grocery shopping will consist mainly of produce along with whole grain pasta, brown rice, whole cous-cous, nuts, seeds, and other foods that have not been processed.

Eliminating conventionally grown meat from the diet is somewhat easier than eliminating soy. In this case, all that is needed is to replace meat from your grocery store with organic meat which can be purchased in some high-end grocery stores, health food stores, or whole foods markets.

Men who want to go the natural route in trying to combat the effects of gynecomastia can also opt for special shirts and garments designed specifically for gynecomastia. Called compression shirts, these tops offer immediate results for men who wear them, and bring with them a better quality of life.

In the case of young men who are dealing with gynecomastia and may be suffering psychological damage because of teasing or bullying, compression shirts can be a real solution for them while they wait to see if their condition will clear up on its own, as often it does with young men.

For those who are not able to achieve results by natural means, liposuction and surgery are real options that offer real solutions for men. They must be considered carefully, and only after weighing out the pros and cons before proceeding.

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Some Effective Ways to Lose Man Breasts Really Fast

There’s no easy way to say it men, but there is only one way to lose your man breasts quickly and effectively. Surgery is not a quick fix, since it is not a snap decision to have invasive surgery. Creams and pills do not work.

They are a deceptive product from a multi-billion dollar deceptive market. Exercise and weight loss is not a fast solution either.

Men who are battling gynecomastia and need something that will work very fast can only do one thing- purchase compression clothing and wear them out in public when they are in a social setting.

Gynecomastia garments or clothing are the best possible solution to your problem.

They work by compressing the breasts flat against the chest and therefore eliminating any awkward or embarrassing social situations.

They are safe and effective and can be worn every day with no problems. A gynecomastia shirt will give you all the confidence you once had and restore your quality of life to what it used to be or what you always thought it could be.

To begin, it’s important for you to understand that gynecomastia clothing is a big business. There are many disreputable companies out there trying to sell your their products. Go online and you can see what I mean. Many manufacturers are telling you their items are the best, and the cheapest.

A good gynecomastia shirt is going to cost you between $50 and $100. If someone online is trying to sell you one for $20, it’s because it is an inferior product. You cannot touch the items when you buy online. You can’t try them on to see if they are too tight, or too loose. You don’t know how well they fit.

Regardless of how tempting it might be for you to buy online, I caution you against doing so. Often these items are being made in third world countries where the quality of clothing is the lowest.

It may take 12 weeks to arrive if it is coming from overseas. Do you want to wait that long only to find you’ve bought something cheaply made that does not fit? Of course not!

The best thing to do is to visit a brick and mortar retail store or mall, when you have a couple of hours to devote to looking at, feeling, and trying on gynecomastia clothes of all kinds. This has many benefits.

You can feel the fabric to see whether it is high quality, try on the garments, and walk around for a little while with it on. This is encouraged by the store staff as well. They want to make sure it fits you snugly, as to be effective, but not tightly as to be uncomfortable. Move your arms around while you have it on and make sure by looking in a mirror that it’s doing the job that you want it to do.

Now you may consider that paying upwards of a hundred dollars is a high cost for a shirt. There are some things to keep in mind while shopping for gynecomastia clothing.

You are making an investment in the quality of your life. Compare the cost of a few gynecomastia shirts with the price of breast reduction surgery.

How does it compare then? These compression garments are the only thing on the market today that will fix your problem instantly with no harmful effects.

Surgery will not do that. Once you put the item on, your life resumes as normal in almost every single instance, with exception to perhaps a locker room situation (in which case, you can always keep your gynecomastia undershirt on), a swimming pool, or intimate moments. In just about every scene, it is acceptable to keep your undershirt on if you choose to.

Your partner may not even care if you wear it during intimate moments. It is sometimes acceptable to wear a shirt during intimacy. This will greatly enhance your private life.

After your purchase of compression items, the next important step is in learning how to care for them properly. If you bring these clothes home and toss them in the washer and dryer they will be ruined in a short amount of time. That will make them more costly. Items must be washed one at a time.

The thing to keep in mind while washing is that once the integrity of the clothing has been compromised, they will begin to deteriorate quickly.

There are several good ways to take care of compression garments. The three best methods are as follows:

  • In a sink full of cold water, add a couple of tablespoons of mild detergent. Add your item of clothing to be washed. Gently submerge completely and let soak for one hour. Lift the item out of the soapy water and drain the sink. Refill the sink with cold water and dip the garment into the cold water repeatedly until you do not see any trace of soap. This may take more than one sink of water. You have have to drain and refill once or twice. When the garment is rinsed sufficiently, place on a plastic hanger and allow to drip dry and then air dry completely.
  • For the second method, perform all of the same steps except during the soak cycle, use your hands to gently move the garment around in the water. Do not agitate the item, but slowly move it around to wash it. After you have sufficiently rinsed the item, very gently wring out the garment and place on a plastic hanger to air dry completely.
  • The third method, which is not as good for the garment as the first two methods, is to wash in the washing machine on cold gentle cycle only. Spin dry if you must, and place on a plastic hanger to air dry. If you must use the dryer, use only cold air fluff.

Taking good care of your gynecomastia clothing will give them a long life and increase the dividends on your investment by two and three times.

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Some Effective Natural Remedies For Treating Gynecomastia

Men- don’t get your hopes up. There are not a lot of natural remedies out there for gynecomastia. The reason for this is because the condition of gynecomastia is generally from one of two causes:

1) An imbalance of hormones in the body between the ratio of estrogen and testosterone has caused the growth of your breasts, in which case, you have only three options.

2) The enlargement of your breasts is due to being overweight, and the excess fat in your breasts is not going to respond to any natural treatments except for diet and exercise to the chest.

If you fall into the first category, and are battling gynecomastia because of a hormone imbalance, there are three things that you can do to change the situation:1) Eliminate all soy and conventionally raised meat from your diet, to reduce the amount of estrogen you are ingesting. This is harder than it sounds. It means a radical change in your diet, eliminating almost all pre-packaged foods, since they are heavily laden with soy and soy products.

While the Orient has eaten soy for thousands of years with beneficial health results, they have never eaten soy in the manner in which it is being eaten today, especially in the American diet.

Soy and soy byproducts are so cheaply made that they are used as a filler ingredient in almost every pre-packaged food, from cartons to jars to cans, containers, jugs, and boxes; if you go into a grocery store and begin to read the labels on these containers you will see that you are eating soy in an amount that is staggering.

Your body is absorbing estrogen in huge amounts. It must be eliminated from your diet in order to balance out the hormones.

The second problem with our modern diet, is that meat is being raised in CAFOs, or artificial farm-like environments where the animals are being force-fed antibiotics and hormones, which we are in turn eating at the table.

These two items do much harm to the human body, and are responsible for early adolescence seen in children today as young as 10 years old. Antibiotics and hormones change the delicate hormone balance in our bodies. They must be eliminated to see a change.

While getting rid of soy from your diet is going to be extremely difficult in the beginning, replacing conventionally raised meat will be easier to replace with organic meat, which does not contain these two harmful ingredients.

Eliminating soy will most likely mean preparing whole food at home, for every meal. It means that packaged foods are only acceptable if they are labeled as organic. Otherwise, the diet should consist of whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, whole grain pasta and bread, organically grown only. This is a very difficult change to make in the diet.

One of the reasons this change is so hard to make, is because we have been eating soy-laden foods for so long (along with other toxic ingredients designed to keep us addicted to them). To begin taking them out of the diet will cause withdrawals.

Soy is not, after all, the only filler ingredient in modern pre-packaged foods. They are also laced with high fructose corn syrup, another toxin that your body is probably addicted to. Making this change, albeit slowly, will help with your condition.

2) Breast reduction surgery is an available option for men in this first category. Breast reduction surgery is expensive since insurance generally does not cover it, and it comes with risks, however for men who are looking for a permanent solution, surgery can be the answer. Some of the risks associated with the surgery can be serious, so men considering having the operation should learn all they can about it before going into it.

3) Wear compression clothing designed to flatten the breasts against the chest and hold them in place. Compression clothing or gynecomastia shirts are a terrific solution for men who do not wish to opt for surgery. They are cost effective and yield great results.

If you’re a man who falls in the second category, and your breast enlargement is due to being overweight, there are options available to you also,but it’s going to mean hard work and patience to see results. Keeping your weight in check is the most important thing you can do to reduce the size of your breasts.

Losing enough weight to bring you down to a healthy size will also reduce the amount of fat in your breasts. This coupled with an exercise program designed to firm the breasts and flatten your chest will bring results in 2-4 months. It does take time, but it will help.

Losing weight can be very difficult for many people to achieve. Alternate fasting can be a great way to take off pounds. The advantage of alternate fasting is that you only fast in increments. There are two good alternate fasts that will take weight off very quickly without making you feel terrible:

1) Every other day, restrict your calorie intake to 500 calories. On your off days, eat as you normally would. This is a simple fast for some people because on the days that you are fasting, you always have the next morning to look forward to. After a week or two, it becomes ingrained as part of your routine.

2) This second fasting diet is more manageable for some people, since you fast for one whole 24 hour period once a week. The rest of the week you eat as you normally would. For some, it is easier to begin the fast after dinner on one particular day, and end the fast at dinner time the following day.

This completes the 24 hour time-frame, but allows you to eat each day.

Fasting is very effective with weight loss. Combine this with a routine of working out with free-weights for your chest muscles and you should see results before too long.

Because no two people are the same, you will have to find the solution that works best for you. Talk with your doctor to learn all of the options available to you.

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My Honest Gynectrol Review – Is It Worth The Price?

Discover what I found about these pills for gynecomastia: Are they good? Do they have side effects? Where can you buy this supplement safely?

What is Gynectrol exactly? What is made of?

Gynectrol is the answer for those who are suffering from unsightly male breasts who would like to remove them without having to resort to expensive and painful surgery. Its powerful formula focuses on the subcutaneous adipose tissue within your mammary glands to reduce and eliminate any traces of gynecomastia.

This new way to reduce your breasts allows you to look far manlier without any worries because the ingredients are completely natural.

  • Caffeine: This is one of the main ingredients because it is able to boost your metabolism and burn your fat cells more effectively.
  • Chromium: This helps to burn off fats as well, with the addition of adding muscle to your body, something that helps to remove the effects of man boobs
  • Gugglesterone: This helps to stimulate the thyroid, which helps to burn more fats, boosts your muscles as well as your levels of testosterone.
  • Green Tea extract: this is used due to its flavonoids and alkaloids, which both have thermogenic properties to help boost your fat burn.

These ingredients were carefully picked to ensure that you would see the best effect within the shortest amount of time, so that you can begin to wear your shirt off with pride.

Why it has become so popular lately?

With the hormones that are in our food, many men are beginning to suffer adverse side effects such as gynecomastia. This has increased the popularity of non-surgical treatments for this condition, as surgery is expensive, painful, and frequently not completely effective.

As the word got out that this supplement was able to combat unsightly man breasts, men have flocked to this product to regain control of their lives.

How does Gynectrol work and how do you use it?

This supplement uses your body to your advantage, boosting natural processes that have been repressed in your system to remove your boobs. The caffeine helps to trigger your body’s ability to discharge fatty acids into the blood stream (also called lipolysis) so that you can quickly lose unsightly fat deposits during your workouts.

The stimulant quality of the caffeine will give you the energy that you need to get that workout done so that you can lose that fat as well.

The rest of the ingredients help to boost your metabolism and encourage as much fat loss as possible, while boosting your muscle production. If you are burning your fat all over your body, eventually you will see a dramatic reduction in the fat buildup on your chest.

It is also extremely easy to use and has been designed to be discrete, so that you can keep your personal life private.

Just take two pills every day before you eat your meals so that you can see your man boobs melting away, ensuring that on workout days you are taking your pills at least thirty minutes before you start exercising. Such simple steps for a long-term solution!

Does it have side effects? Is it really safe to use?

One of the best qualities of this product is that it is one hundred percent safe to use and has no negative side effects. Many other products tamper with your body’s natural hormone levels and have side effects such as weight gain or an increase in body hair, while surgery is invasive and painful.

This product has been extensively tested to ensure that they are completely safe, going through stringent testing and quality control before they reached the market. If you are looking for the best option for quick and painless reversal of your condition then you are in the right place!

What benefits or results can I expect from it?

The results from this supplement will help you to change your life with very little effort and no side effects. You will see:

  • A reduction of your extra fat deposits in your chest within weeks
  • Will help to eliminate the fat cells without any sagging or wrinkling in your chest
  • Decreases your breast size without affecting your muscle mass
  • Help to lower your overall fat percentage all over your body
  • Supports your body to ensure that you won’t suffer from gynecomastia in the future

These benefits come without the need to seek a prescription from your doctor so that you can keep your personal life private, and have the added benefit of coming from one hundred percent natural ingredients to ensure that you will stay healthy.

While some individuals would prefer to not have to work out to decrease their breast size, this program is specifically designed to help your body to reset and completely reverse the condition. It does that by targeting all over body fat, and the exercise is crucial for this step. This adds the benefit of all over weight loss!

What differentiates it from other products?

The biggest difference between this product and others is that this supplement will effectively remove any extra fat around your chest that has been causing you embarrassment. There are many supplements that are on the market that do not work as they are intended, but hundreds of users have gushed about how well this product has worked for them.

This supplement combines essential ingredients with an active lifestyle to quickly reduce the appearance of boobs on your body without surgery. The ingredients have been carefully chosen to work effectively with your body to completely eradicate your problem areas, while boosting your overall body tone without any harm!

Before this supplement hit the market, many customers were forced to undergo painful surgeries to diminish these fat build ups, but this product is so effective that hundreds of men make the more logical choice by purchasing it.

What is the opinion of users after using it?

There are hundreds of positive reviews on the Internet that show how amazingly well this supplement works to diminish the appearance of man breasts.

As more and more men find themselves in the position of having fat buildup on their chest, they have taken to the web to find results and when they have been able to find happiness, they have told the world. Nothing we can say can summarize how effective this product is more than this glowing review:

Norton, San Diego:

About six years ago I found myself growing a chest and was completely horrified. I hoped it was just because of my diet or not working out, but after a year the issue was still there and I did not know what to. I felt like that person from Fight Club with my boobs and I wore ace bandages until I could have surgery.

The surgery itself went smoothly and I felt like a real man again for a few months that is until the drainage was complete and all the bandages came off…and they began to grow back. I did not know what to do and was strapped for cash, unable to go in for another surgery. I saved up some more money and started buying supplements that claimed they would help me with my issue, but they caused a bunch of health problems instead.

I was so desperate, I just kept trying different pills, hoping beyond hope that one would finally work. When I noticed a change, I actually did not know which pill was helping because I was taking so many of them! I had to stop taking everything and go through the entire process all over again to find out which one was the right one. Eventually I came to the conclusion that it was Gynectrol that was reducing my breasts and I have been using it ever since.

After a month of only using this supplement, I had a mostly flat chest again and was able to stop wearing bandages. After two and a half months, I went shirtless for the first time in over six years. It changed my life and helped me get my confidence back again. I’ve never been happier!”

Why some people are complaining it does not work?

There are always companies and individuals who will attempt to capitalize on the success of one product, and that has been the case with this supplement as well.

Thousands of people have bought this product from fake sellers who offered a lower price, only to find that their product does not have the desired effect. For your safety and happiness, only purchase this product from a reliable seller.

Why do people buy it besides the low price?

People buy this supplement because it is one of the few out there that will actually do everything that it claims it will, helping you to become the confident man that you were before this condition.

It is difficult to find effective supplements that will reduce your excess fat buildup without causing any sort of adverse side effects to your health, but this one does. The low price of this solution is just an added benefit for those who are seeking treatment.

Whom is this product for? How to know if it is right for you?

This product is for anyone who is suffering from gynecomastia and wants to reverse the condition without expensive and painful surgeries. It does not matter how old you are (although we do suggest not using such supplements until you are of legal age) or how long you have been living with this condition, as it an effective treatment for any male.

If you have been desperately seeking an option to reduce your breasts without any:

  • Stretching of your chest
  • Sagging in your pectorals
  • Adverse side effects
  • Need to have surgery

Then this is the correct product for you to regain your confidence and reclaim your life. While this condition can seem as though it will take your life away, that is not true and you can easily find your inner man once again with this incredible supplement.

What is the best place where to buy?

There is only one safe place for you to purchase this supplement and that is on this site, as we are the only official vendor for this product.

As we mentioned above, there are hundreds of thief’s on the Internet who want to capitalize on the success of this supplement but they do not have the official formula and their product can include dangerous chemicals.

There have been reports of fake Gynectrol tablets actually making male breasts larger because of the hormones that are included, or exacerbating medical conditions with illegal ingredients that are in the capsules. The only way to be completely safe is to purchase your product from our official website.

Conclusion: Is Gynectrol trustable? Should you buy it?

With so many supplements on the market that claim to boost your metabolism and change your life, it can be difficult to find the one that will focus on your actual trouble areas.

Based on the scientific review that went into this product, the extensive testing on volunteers, and overall reception that it received from those who have used this supplement we believe that this product is trustable.

It is difficult to find a product that has been so well rated that does not include hormones or steroids and this one is completely natural. In addition, the inclusion of the need for a fitness program makes this system sustainable so that you can change your entire life. If you want to see:

  • A reduction of your extra fat deposits in your chest within weeks
  • Will help to eliminate the fat cells without any sagging or wrinkling in your chest
  • Decreases your breast size without affecting your muscle mass
  • Help to lower your overall fat percentage all over your body
  • Supports your body to ensure that you will not suffer from gynecomastia in the future

Then you will want to try this product. With a one hundred percent money back guarantee if you do not find the results to your liking, this supplement gives you the opportunity to regain your life without any risks.

All you have to lose is that buildup of fat…and your shirt when you see the results!

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How Yoga Can Help You Fight Gynecomastia

Recently, there has been a lot of speculation about whether yoga can help with breast reduction in men with gynecomastia. There are some on either side of the argument with valid points.

Let’s take a look at gynecomastia more closely and see if we can get to the bottom of this issue.

It’s important to understand that there are a couple of different kinds of gynecomastia, and the causes of each type are different.

Gynecomastia can be caused by overweight conditions that allow excess fat to be stored in the breast tissue. This type of gynecomastia responds positively to diet and physical exercise.

Then there is the type of gynecomastia that is hormone related- a condition caused by an imbalance between the estrogen and testosterone in the body. This type of gynecomastia does not respond to diet or physical exercise and must be resolved with surgery.

If you are overweight or obese, the conditions are perfect for you to be able to work with your body and solve the problem you are facing.

Believe it or not, you’re in the right boat. If your gynecomastia were due to hormonal imbalance, your choices would be restricted to surgery or a lifetime of wearing compression clothing. We’ll discuss this type of gynecomastia in a few moments.

Working out to get your body into good physical condition, and using free-weights for exercising the chest, will bring results in as little as 2 months.

Losing weight will reduce the amount of fat in your breasts, and working out will firm up the entire chest area. Some excellent exercises for the chest include push-ups, chest presses, and chest flies.

Most people know how to perform a traditional push-up. These are great to flatten the chest. Push-ups should be performed 3- 5 times per week. You should try to work up to being able to do 10 push-ups, several times at one session, with a brief rest in between each set.

To perform the chest press, a weight bench works well, or lying flat on the floor work just as well, with knees bent, feet flat. Work with 5 pound free-weights.

You want to firm, but you do not want to bulk up in the chest area. Begin with the weights hovering over the chest, elbows bent.

Now, press the weights upward, straight out in front of you until the arms are straight. Hold for a moment, and then slowly lower the weights back down to their original position.

Work your way up to 10 of these bench presses. Do three sets, 3-5 times per week.

The chest fly is very similar to the chest press, however they work different muscles than the press. Begin in the same starting position on your back, but hold the weights out to your side, arms straight.

Bring the weights out and upward toward the ceiling until the arms are straight out in front of you. Touch them together, and slowly lower back to the original position. Work your way up to doing 10 of these flies. Do three sets, 3-5 times per week.

Yoga is a great form of exercise to battle gynecomastia, as it is an all-over body workout and holistic in nature, encompassing the health of the whole body. The problem with yoga is that it does not usually target areas such as the chest.

Yoga exercises are designed for the health and benefit of the body as a whole. It is not a health system or program that usually works on one particular part of the body, while ignoring the other parts.

When used in conjunction with target exercises, yoga can be a nice addition to a weight loss and physical program.

Within a couple of months, you should begin to see some good results in the firmness of the breasts. The exercise must be combined with weight loss in order to see any favorable results.

If your condition is due to a hormone imbalance, there are a couple of different things that you can do to combat the effects of gynecomastia.

The easiest thing you can do is purchase a compression shirt to flatten the chest and reduce the visual aspects of the condition. Gynecomastia shirts are cost effective and offer real results, immediately. They come in colors and styles to fit almost any situation.

While exercise and weight loss will probably not bring you the results you desire, the options that are available to you include eliminating all soy and conventionally raised meats from your body in attempt to balance the hormones in your body.

This is a drastic measure, but if the estrogen is causing your gynecomastia, it can reverse the condition and reduce the size of your breasts.

Eliminating soy and soy products will mean buying and cooking only whole foods and organic packaged foods that do not contain soy. It is a difficult diet to manage, but it can really help.

The only other course of action you have is to opt for breast reduction surgery. While there are serious risks involved with this type of surgery, it does offer permanent results, provided you keep your weight in check after the operation.

It is considered invasive surgery and the risks are real. For men who want a solution to their problem, sometimes breast reduction is the only thing that will help them.

If this is the case, someone considering the surgery should become well-informed about what to expect post-surgery, and talk with their doctor about what benefits it can offer you. Men who undergo breast reduction can often regain a better quality of life.

While yoga can be integrated with many of these options, it will not of itself treat gynecomastia or cure it. It can only be added as a supplement to other treatment plans. Combined with a program of targeted chest workouts, yoga can help you to reach your goals, but it is not a treatment by itself.

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How To Reverse Gynecomastia Naturally Without Risks

There are some natural things that you can do to reverse gynecomastia, however, without reduction surgery you will be somewhat limited in what you can do.

Aside from having an operation to remove excess fat or glandular tissue, the options available by going the natural route are:

  • Eliminating all soy, soy products, and conventionally raised meats from your diet
  • Begin a regular exercise routing combined with a diet designed to get your weight in check
  • Purchase gynecomastia clothing, which is also called compression clothing, that holds the chest flat against your body

Soy products are so prevalent in our modern diet, most especially in pre-packaged foods that we so often eat.

Since soy contains a natural estrogen, it may damage the delicate hormonal balance in your body, causing gynecomastia and other feminine features.

Soy would not normally be a problem in the diet if all one did was consume it on a casual basis, however, soy byproducts have become so cheap to manufacture, that they are an added filler ingredient in almost all pre-packaged foods that we buy and take home from the grocery store.

We are consuming soy in astronomical quantities.

The result is that changes occur in the human body that nature never intended.

It is difficult to eliminate soy from the diet- very difficult. One’s only course of action is to stop buying all pre-packaged foods that are not labeled as organic. Even organic foods that come in packages will have to have their labels read.

The difference though, in organic pre-packaged foods and conventional foods is that almost all organic packaged foods are made from whole, real ingredients, with very little or no filler ingredients. They will usually only contain soy if the meal has soy as a main ingredient.

Those who wish to eliminate soy from their diet must cook at home with whole ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, whole grain pasta, brown rice, and the like. It is a huge change to make.

The second thing that must be accomplished is to eliminate conventionally raised meat from the diet, since antibiotics and hormones in the meat can also imbalance the hormones in the body.

This may be an even more important step, although it is somewhat simpler to implement. Just replace all meats that you usually eat with organic meats that you can find in high-end grocery stores or health stores.

The costs will be significant, and this step may reveal to you that you have been eating far too much meat. An infrequent meal with lean organic meat can be a compliment to your healthy lifestyle.

Conventionally raised meat eaten daily is a toxin to your body and must be eliminated if you wish to attain a greater level of health.

If you happen to fall into the category of men whose gynecomastia is due to being overweight or obese, you have a real chance of reducing the size of your breasts with diet and exercise.

For overweight men, the gynecomastia is caused by excess fat in the breast tissue that can be reduced drastically by losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. It is not easy to lose weight, nor keep the weight off once lost, but if you’re looking for a concrete solution, this is it.

Combined with a regular, moderate free-weight workout for the chest, you can firm and reduce and even see results within a couple of months.

For men, even being slightly overweight can contribute to gynecomastia, so a healthy weight means becoming lean. You may have to join a gym or hire a professional personal trainer to reach your goals.

Alternative fasting along with working out can quickly cause the weight to come off. All of these options require dedication and hard work, but if you want to do this naturally, this is your option.

Purchasing 5 pound free-weights for the home will give you an opportunity to work out your chest whenever you have time.

For this exercise program, you do not want to use heavy weights that will result in bulk. You should slowly and steadily firm up the chest and keep at it regularly. This will give you the best results.

To lose weight, you will need to incorporate some cardio into your workout in order to burn fat. Pumping iron does not burn enough fat to reduce or lose weight. Cardio or alternative cardio training will give you the best results.

Coupled with free-weight exercises targeting the chest, such as chest presses, chest flies, and push-ups, working out to burn fat will give you excellent results. It is important to remember that the single most important factor to reducing the size of your breasts is to take off the weight.

Remember this- you can do more with your spoon than you can with the weights, meaning what you put into your mouth is more important than what you do in the gym. You must restrict calories and burn fat in order to lose weight.

The last option that men have who want to battle their gynecomastia naturally is to purchase compression shirts. These come in a wide range of colors and styles to meet just about any need. If you are certain that surgery is not something you want to consider, compression clothing is a good option for you.

Gynecomastia shirts are safe enough to be worn every day, even for the rest of your life. They do a terrific job of pressing the breasts in to the chest to give the look of a flat chest.

People around you will not know you’re even wearing them. They can bring back a quality of life that you have forgotten was available to you.

For young men who are waiting out their gynecomastia to see if it will clear up on its own, compression shirts can offer confidence in the school place or social setting. They can be of great benefit to men of all ages dealing with this issue.

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Gynecomastia Garments – Are They Really Effective?

Gynecomastia garments, clothing and shirts can be very effective in hiding the condition and allowing men to enjoy a very good quality of life apart from having to deal with this condition.

As to the effectiveness of the garments, it’s really a matter of buying from a reputable company, not a fly-by-night clothing site online where you cannot feel or see the material or try it on.

The secret to gynecomastia garments is in the thickness and compressive quality of the material. When shopping for clothing for gynecomastia, it’s essential to have hands on and be able to try clothes on.

You want to see the results before you take it home. There are going to be good quality items and poor quality items. In this case, you will get what you pay for. While gynecomastia garments may seem expensive, they are the most affordable option in treatment of the condition. The clothing is usually designed to last a long time, and you will get a lot of use from it.

Compare the costs of one shirt – generally between $50 and $100 – with the cost of breast reduction surgery. It seems nominal. Even a wardrobe of compression clothing would seem cost effective compared to the real costs of an operation, recovery, and time missed from work.

Compression shirts come in all styles and colors. There is something to fit almost everyone’s needs. From undershirts to tank tops to whole body compression suits, they are designed with real life in mind and want to help you regain a normal life.

From 40 – 60% of all men have gynecomastia. Not all men want to go through invasive surgery and are looking for a quick fix to their problem. Gynecomastia clothing provides great results for them, and it does so without permanently altering the appearance.

Shirts or vests can offer a variety of compression options to meet your individual needs. All of them have one thing in common- they work to hide the condition, immediately.

There are many benefits to wearing gynecomastia garments:

  • Affordable solution
  • Quick fix
  • Temporary results
  • Immediate results
  • Painless and safe

There is really only one drawback to compression shirts:

  • It is only a temporary solution

Surgery aside, compression shirts are the best option for men who want instant results with no pain and no diet or weight loss. There is nothing to do but put one on and go about your day. Choosing a gynecomstia shirt will depend on how much extra breast tissue you have and how much of it you want to hide.

If you purchase one that is too tight, it’s going to be uncomfortable to wear, and you won’t want to wear it once you get home. The best thing to do is try them on before you buy. Wear it for a few minutes and see if it makes you feel uncomfortable. See if you can easily move around with it on.

You want results plus comfort. There are size charts that you can take advantage of, and get a measurement while you are out shopping. It will be worth the few minutes it takes to do this. Get a correct fit so that your money will be an investment and not a waste.

Men’s gynecomastia shirts are available to buy in most retail stores or malls. We recommend going to a brick and mortar store and not shop online.

You may order something and get it in the mail only to find out it doesn’t fit right, the material is not quality, it is cheaply made, and worst of all, they do not take returns.

Go to a store and pick out what you need. Some quality brand names are Under Armour and Insta Slim, but there are many reputable stores and brands out there.

No matter what brand you decide to go with, compression shirts are guaranteed to be effective. Be careful when shopping to examine the materials used to make the clothing, as some types of materials can absorb sweat, and other types can wick the sweat away. Material also should be considered whether it is durable and good quality.

Cheaper garments are going to lose their compression integrity and wear out sooner than good quality clothes. Once they lose their integrity, they are worthless to your condition. This is definitely a case where you get what you pay for. A good garment will cost money, but in the long run, it is worth it to pay for good quality.

Once you have invested in gynecomastia clothing, you will want to take proper care of them and clean them properly to insure that they last a long time and you get your money’s worth out of them. If you do not take the time to properly care for the garments, they will wear out quickly.

The following methods of cleaning and drying will help your investment provide long lasting effectiveness:

  • Soak the items in cold water and a detergent that is not harsh. Rinse with cold water, gently ring out and then hang up on a plastic hanger to dry. Garment longevity is the best under these conditions since the agitation to the garment is almost nonexistent.
  • Hand wash in cold water with a detergent that is not harsh. Gently move the garment around in the cold water. Rinse in cold water and hang on a plastic hanger to dry. Garment longevity is also very good, since agitation to the garment is very low. This is the second best method in making the garment last, and will still clean pretty well.
  • Machine wash in cold water and a mild detergent. be certain to choose the gentle cycle. Let the machine wash and rinse with cold water. Hang on plastic a hanger to dry. This is going to provide excellent cleaning, but because of the light agitation to the garment, it’s not going to last quite as long as if you washed by hand.

These three methods of wash are considered the best way to care for your gynecomastia garments.

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