Actually Useful Ayurveda Medicines for Gynecomastia

Men who suffer with a condition known as gynecomastia, or enlargement of the male breasts, want to know what kind of treatment options are out there for them. So much is said in effort to the pros and the cons of different herbal treatments and exercises for the condition.

good_looking_man_chestSince surgery carries with it the risks associated with undergoing the knife, men are anxious to learn everything they can about alternative treatments.

Gynecomastia is a condition caused by a hormonal imbalance, which enlarges the breast tissue, causing the male breasts to enlarge, sometimes to the point that the patient’s quality of life is somewhat lessened, to different degrees, depending on the individual. If this happens with a teen male, it can be detrimental to his social life.

Boys and men with this condition often do not want to take their shirts off in public. Sometimes the condition can progress so that even with clothing on, the enlargement of the breasts can be detected.

Currently, surgery, with or without liposuction, is the only permanent known remedy to this condition that men can rely on to permanently reduce the size of the breasts and this, only when the man adheres to a strict diet with exercise after the operation.

If he is not willing to adhere to these two conditions, it is almost certain that the breasts will again increase in size.

There has been information circulating on the number one go-to place for source information (the internet) that ayurvedic medicine can be used as an alternative treatment to surgery for men with gynecomastia. Ayurveda means the science of life. It is an exact science of healing by the use of herbs and natural medicines. Ayurveda is the oldest natural healing system in India, going back more than 4,000 years.

Ayurveda consists of treating with a combination of herbs, correction of the diet, and yoga exercises. It can also include gem therapy, mantric healing, prayer, and inner speculation of the self, or ego.

Ayurveda is a deep science covering many other healing systems. It also deals with colors, gemstones, meditation, herbal oil massage, climatic suitability, and balance of both emotion and mind. It is not only medical science, but a complete system for health. Ayurveda reminds one that herbs are not medicine, but nature’s gift to man.

Can Ayurveda help to treat gynecomastia? Since it include a strict adherence to diet and exercise, yes it certainly can help a great deal. If it were only a cream or pill made from herbs, the answer would probably be no.

Since the Ayurveda is a combination of many different things which work together to heal the body, it can be very effective in treating the condition.

When a man gets older and stops taking care of his body, gynecomastia can be a very real issue. To reverse the signs of the condition, one must take back the body, get into a routine of regular exercise, and start to get the weight into check again.

Exercises that are designed to work out the chest are perfect for reducing th size of the breast and firming the chest up again.

These include pushups, chest presses and chest flies. They can also include working out with 5-10 pound free-weights while standing up, lifting the elbows above the chest region. Within 8 weeks, some results should be seen, the more with more time given.

A calorie restricted diet is also mandatory to keep the weight in check.

Men who want to lose weight should check on a calorie chart to find out how many calories they should be taking in on a daily basis to resume their current weight, and then start to reduce that amount by 500 calories per day until their desired weight is reached.

The combination of diet and exercise is really the only thing that is going to be effective.

If Ayurveda treatment is going to be considered, one should include these very potent herbs and spices to the diet: triphala, dry ginger, aloe, guggul katuka, turmeric, shilajit, and honey.

This treatment should be tried before all other options,because the natural way of lowering the body weight and improving the physical condition is the most beneficial means to treat a medical condition. If treatment of this sort does not work, one can consult a doctor and look at conventional treatments such as surgery.

Contemporary Ayurveda emphasises attaining vitality from building up the metabolism and maintaining a healthy digestive system. It follows the concept of Dinacharya, the cycle in nature that keeps the clock of waking, sleeping, working, and meditation, and that they are essential to health. Central to the practice is excellent hygiene, such as bathing, brushing teeth, skin care, and eye washing.

When considering purchasing herbal treatments over the internet, specific care must be given to insure that ingredients are manufactured, mixed, and sold in countries where there is some type of safety regulation.

If this is not the case, a consumer cannot hope to guess what they may be purchasing. It is a specific concern that 20% of Ayurvedic medicines sold through the internet were found to contain highly toxic levels of heavy metals including mercury, lead, and arsenic. Always be sure where your herbs are coming from, and what their source is. Buy from trusted outlets.

For men who are considering treating their gynecomastia naturally with Ayurveda therapy, it can be a very beneficial treatment, provided they can keep to the rituals and begin to take care of the body.

Some of the exercises that maintain a good form for the male figure include doing regular pushups, chest presses, chest flies, and similar workouts for the chest muscles that work to firm up the breasts and tighten the chest.

There are more drastic treatments available to men who have this condition, but it must be understood that surgery is invasive and has risks as well as benefits.

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